Terms of Service

General terms and conditions.


Part 1: GTCs and rules of the game

We are not the biggest fans of GTCs and surely so are you. Still we need to keep certain rules to escape any stress afterwards. We don't want to bore you with non-sense-phrases, but intend to make the rules clear and easy to remember. Please note that our full terms and conditions are only available in german.

BASSLINER game rules

  1. The paid tickets can be cancelled not later than 25 days before the start of the event. We charge 10 Euro for the cancellation. Pre-pay and transfer charges are not refunded.
  2. BASSLINER is only for full aged. Guests under 18 need to bring legal permission from their parents.
  3. Every BASSLINER trip is taken at your own risk. We don't take any responsibility for damage to your property. Surely this doesn't refer to claims against bus companies, e.g. careless driving.
  4. If something gets damaged, e.g. a bus breaks, we make sure to bring you to the festival with other means of transportation, say trains. In this case the timing will unfortunately be prolonged.
  5. Legally seen, BASSLINER is differently organized as ordinary public transportation. Thus there is no option of legal claim on refund for delays (the way you have it with taxi e.g.). We would appreciate if you trust us and would do everything that is in our power to provide a pleasant drive.
  6. You can come on board only with an actual paid ticket and id.
  7. Busses take off sharp on time and don't wait for the late passengers.
  8. Passengers that may hinder safe and chilled ride won't be let on board. We don't only mean stark alcohol poisoning but also all kinds of aggressive behavior. In case of doubt the decision is taken by our crew or bus driver.