With WUMMS out of the crisis!

All Tickets for our #WUMMS Open Airs (31.7.-2.08. and 7.08.-9.08.) are sold out. We are still searching for helping hands though. If you'd like to participate through work, please contact us at

With BASSLINER into the Lake District Urban exodus into the country From 24.06. we offer you every Wednesday and Saturday trips to fantastic lakes and nature campsites and possibilities in Brandenburg and the Mecklenburg Lake District. Booking and all information from 19.06.! Book tickets
03.07.-05.07.2020 LiederLauschen festival The crossover festival in the most beautiful nature with your family. There is a lot to celebrate. Cheers to the neighborhood. Cheers to variety. Book tickets
14th - 16th August MM Firlefanz The "mild carrot" with Djs and live acts for all who just want to dance until their feet don't carry them anymore. Book tickets
28th - 30th August MM Maskenball The "mild carrot" with theatre, cabaret and lots of colourful stuff and of course lots of music. Book tickets
4th - 6th September MM Seelenschaukel The "mild carrot" for relaxing days at the lake, an extensive program for body and soul and proper dance music. Book tickets
11th - 13th September MM Klimperkiste "Milde Möhre" with Djs and bands for lovers of line music and danced through nights. Book tickets
18th - 20th September MM Wundertüte The "mild carrot" for all those who, in addition to enjoying good music, want to broaden their horizons or create something with their hands. Book tickets
Rescheduled to 2021 - Book tickets now! Bus Tickets to Fusion Festival 2021 With Fusion rescheduled to 2021, our presale keeps going for Fusion 2021. Grab your tickets for almost 30 cities now. Book tickets