Fusion Festival

Far away from everyday life, for five days a parallel society of a very special kind is created. This year we are again taking you to the Fusion Festival from various cities.

09.06.-11.06.23 Sternfest Between woods and fields, dear people and industrial romance, the Sternfest am Mellensee has some surprises in store for you. Festival Tickets
13.07.-17.07.23 Feel festival The Feel Festival characterises itself as a colourful, open and tolerant festival, in which it wants to offer space for unfolding the magic which happens when different coleurs and facets of life come together. Festival Tickets
14.07. - 16.07.23 Liederlauschen am Rand The crossover festival in the most beautiful nature with your family. There is a lot to celebrate. Cheers to the neighborhood. Cheers to variety. TBA
19.07. - 24.07.23 Summer Contrast festival Electronic music festival that invites You and Your friends to a private ranch, in a beautiful valley surrounded with Rega river. Festival Tickets
28.07. - 31.07.22 Whole festival The biggest underground electronic music-focused queer festival on the planet, bringing together LGBTQ+ collectives, artists and ravers from around the globe. TBA
27.07.-30.07.23 Mit Dir Festival MIT DIR is a small but fine music festival with 5 stages, over 100 DJ's, bands, live & walking acts, food stands, artistry, lots of decoration and a beautiful lake right in front of your nose. Festival Tickets
28.07. - 30.07.23 Prærie Festival Away from the daily stress, a world without norms and constraints emerges. Do you hear the call from the Prærie? We'll gladly take you there and back! Festival Tickets
28.07.-31.07.23 Wilde Möhre Seelenschaukel The Wilde Möhre for relaxing days at the lake, a wide-ranging program for body and soul and proper dance music. Festival Tickets
02.08. - 07.08.23 Garbicz Festival In August we return to the Garbicz Festival. The bus journey is already included in the ticket price and can soon be booked with us by voucher. Festival Tickets
11.08.-14.08.23 Wilde Möhre: Klimperkiste "Milde Möhre" with Djs and bands for lovers of live music and all-night dancing. Festival Tickets
17.08.-20.08.23 Bucht der Träumer* We are in for an exciting ride - a journey into the realm of light and shadow - into the Bucht der Träumer* 2023! Festival Tickets
18.08.-21.08.23 Wilde Möhre: Maskenball The Wilde Möhre with theatre, cabaret and lots of colorful stuff and of course lots of music. Festival Tickets
24.08.-27.08.23 Moyn Festival Multi-layered simple and unfinished wonderful. The Backsberg - A ritual place of gathering and immersion in new forms of being. Bus tickets will be available here! Festival Tickets
01.09.-04.09.23 Lusatia festival Lusatia is a mystical, spiritual weekend full of connectedness to each other & nature, where there is growth for the artists, the guests and the team. Festival Tickets
31.08.-04.09.2023 Conscious Madness Conscious Madness started as a small gathering of friends and has evolved into a weekend experience full of Madness, Music, Art and Culture! Book tickets Festival Tickets
27.01.-24.02.2024 WWC x Wintercamp 2024 In 2024, the crews of the Wilde Möhre Festival and the BASSLINER Project will once again organise the Wilde Wintercamp. This time we are heading to Italy's South Tyrol! Besides a fantastic view and accommodation with various activities, you can expect a shared experience with club nights, workshops and games. go to the WWC here