The last BASSLINER Open Air

One last time we turn from a transport company to a hostess and want to celebrate with you. Maybe the end of the epidemic - but definitely the beginning of summer 2021. Tickets are currently sold out. If you wish to be informed if additional tickets go on sale, please sign up now using the following button.

24.6.-27.6.2021 Fusion Festival Team Red Team Red can arrive on Wednesday already and there is much more live music. The program ends on all stages on Sunday evening and on Monday all red socks must be off the stage. Book tickets
01.07.-04.07.2021 Fusion Festival Team Black Team Black can arrive from Thursday this year and there are fewer bands playing. But there will be the Trancefloor, a good afterhour and less pressure on departure. Book tickets
15.07.-19.07.2021 Feel festival After the forced break due to Covid, Feel festival returns to the Bergheider See in the new year. We are offering trips from many cities all over Germany. info tba
16.07.-19.07.2021 Wilde Möhre Firletanz The Wild Carrot for all those who, in addition to enjoying good music, want to expand their horizons or create something with their hands. Book tickets
23.07.-26.07.2021 Wilde Möhre Seelenschaukel The "mild carrot" for relaxing days at the lake, an extensive program for body and soul and proper dance music. Book tickets
29.07.-02.08.2021 Garbicz Festival The next edition of the Garbicz Festival starts at the end of July 2021 and the bus ride from Berlin is - as always - included in the price. The reservation for bus tickets will probably start in May 2021. Info TBA
06.08.-09.08.2021 Wilde Möhre Klimperkiste "Milde Möhre" with Djs and bands for lovers of live music and danced through nights. Book tickets
13.08.-16.08.2021 Wilde Möhre Maskenball The "wild carrot" with theatre, cabaret and lots of colourful stuff and of course lots of music. Book tickets
13.08.-15.08.2021 Bucht der Träumer* Relaxed camping with like-minded people - without any party but directly on the shore of the most beautiful lake in the region. This is the bay of dreamers* vacation camp. INFO TBA
22.07. - 25.07.2021 Mit Dir festival Whether you're a wizard, a pink elephant or a ninja turtle, you can be whatever you want here, as long as you give the other wizards, pink elephants and ninja turtles the same freedom. Be there when Klingemühle enchants Friedland again. Bus tickets are available here.