After at.tension#8 in 2019 and the small corona-related interim format be.tween in 2021, we are eager to finally get going again in our usual size. The ninth edition of at.tension will take place from September 8 - 11, 2022 on the Kulturkosmos site in Lärz.

19.08.-21.08.22 Bucht der Träumer* In mid-August, the Dreamers* traditionally anchor in a bay at the "most beautiful bathing lake in Germany". You sail there and back with us. Book tickets
19.08. - 22.08.22 Wilde Möhre Maskenball The "wild carrot" with theatre, cabaret and lots of colourful stuff and of course lots of music. book tickets
25.08. - 28.08.22 Moyn Moyn festival Multi-layered simple and unfinished wonderful. The Backsberg - A ritual place of gathering and immersion in new forms of being. Bus tickets available here Book tickets
26.08. - 28.08.22 Whole festival Whole United Queer festival is celebrating their comeback this year. Together we have each other to shine more brightly. Bus tickets available here Book tickets
02.09. - 04.09.22 Lusatia festival Still grateful & overwhelmed by the memories and feedback of last summer, we are very excited to officially announce that Lusatia Festival 2022 is happening! Book tickets
01.-04.09.22 Conscious Madness Conscious Madness started as a small gathering of friends and has evolved into a weekend experience full of Madness, Music, Art and Culture! Book tickets