Starting December 20th
Bus Tickets to Fusion Festival

As every year, we are kicking off our presale for Fusion Festival Bus Tickets on December 20th. Grab the low priced early bird tickets for almost 30 cities now.

9.07.-12.07.2020 Feel festival This year we will sort out transport to Feel festival for you again! You can choose from 12 cities and book your tickets here. Book tickets
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30.07.-2.08.2020 Garbicz festival This years Garbicz festival sold out - after 30 minutes only. Your bus rides are already covered in the festival ticket itself. You can book your rides here. presale starts 01.04.2020
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6.08.-9.08.2020 Wilde Möhre We continue to make history in Möhritz. Outbound and inbound from Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, München and Nürnberg. presale starts 18.03.2020