30.06. - 3.07.22 Fusion Festival 2022 The public presale for Fusion 2022 bus tickets has startet for everyone who kept his event ticket from previous years. Book tickets
22.07. - 25.07.2021 Mit Dir festival Whether you're a wizard, a pink elephant or a ninja turtle, you can be whatever you want here, as long as you give the other wizards, pink elephants and ninja turtles the same freedom. Be there when Klingemühle enchants Friedland again. Bus tickets are available here.
06.08.-09.08.2021 Wilde Möhre Klimperkiste "Milde Möhre" with Djs and bands for lovers of live music and danced through nights.
23.07.-25.07.2021 Garbicz: Lake Landing The 4th Open Air Weekender in Garbicz. New, fresh and more tickets will be available tomorrow - Saturday 17/07/21 - 2pm ....We love you all and need all your patience. A very special year. Tickets 14.07. / 12h
23.07.-26.07.2021 Wilde Möhre Seelenschaukel The "mild carrot" for relaxing days at the lake, an extensive program for body and soul and proper dance music.
13.08.-16.08.2021 Wilde Möhre Maskenball The "wild carrot" with theatre, cabaret and lots of colourful stuff and of course lots of music.