Fusion Festival

Buses to Fusion 2019

Book Bus tickets from 30 Cities to Fusion Festival 2019 now.

Fusion Festival

Buses to Fusion 2019

Book Bus tickets from 30 Cities to Fusion Festival 2019 now.

June 14th - June 17th

Whole Festival

Die dritte Ausgabe des Whole - United Queer Festival startet diesmal bereits Anfang Juni auf dem Ferropolis Gelände. Wir sind natürlich wieder dabei und bieten euch viele Fahrten ab und nach Berlin.

July 11th - July 15th

Feel Festival

Like always we will support you in everything connected with transport for this years Feel Festival. Not only from Berlin but also 14 others cities in Germany.

25th - 28th July

Off the Radar Festival

HipHop, Bass, Punk, Techno.. here no music lover will get disappointed. We are looking forward to music, art, installations and good food.

25th - 29th July

Mit Dir Festival

Mit Dir: That´s you, that's me, that's us. With each other, standing for each other, or above each other, instead of next to each other and against each other.

1st - 3rd August

Skandaløs Festival

Nordfriesland - colorful in nowhere. Fully packed and equipped with many new ideas we say goodbye to the tideland desert and start on a journey in direction future!

1st - 4th August

Garbicz Festival

A festival site framed in the beauty of nature and charmed by its residents and sounds. This year we will welcome you on board again for Garbicz festival. Stay tuned!

8th - 12th August

Wilde Möhre Festival

The ingredients for your summer dream festival are right there - you only need to enter the carrot-universe! Come rollin' with us! Not only from Berlin..

8th - 12th August

Art Lake Festival

Art Lake festival is known as a interdisciplinary playground rooting in inspiration, interaction and communality. Become part in this and create space for special encounters.

15th - 19th August

Bucht der Träumer Festival

We invite you to come on board for the nicest bay - in fact, the bay of dreamers! Helene lake rejoices already and the sails are tensioned

16th - 18th August 2019

akasha festival

This festival assembles as an ethereal space in Brandenburg, where carefully curated, multifaceted electronic music fuses with the compelling visual and sensorial experiences of its stunning natural surroundings.

22nd - 26th August

Moyn Moyn Festival

Here we say Moyn Moyn and create a world where differences mean a boost of luck and chaos seems constructive.

5th - 8th September

At.tension Festival

At.tension festival occurs every 2 years and is a interdisciplinary theatre festival curated and organized by actors of Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. and its network of supporters