What is Bassliner?

The Project Bassliner emerged in 2007 as “Reisekollektiv” to plan and set in action the bus connection between Berlin and Fusion as well as other festivals. Fusion is our immense endeavor to transport around 30.000 guests from more than 20 cities. Apart from Fusion we provide logistics support for smaller events.

Where the dosh ends up?

Our financing goes through selling tickets. Surpluses are anyways rare, for we  set the prices the way, that full-packed busses bring not more than 10% of those in order to compensate the losses from not too popular destinations. Our office, web server, programmer and guests-supporting intern also require some financial input. If there is still some leftover, we allocate it for the next year infrastructure or make a donation for Jugendkultur Foundation of Kulturkosmos e. V. (2009: €500,-, 2010: €2500,-, 2011: €1000,-) or other projects (2012: €1500,-, 2013: €2000,- El Instituto Iguana, Culturcosmos A.C./Mexico).

Can I be part of it?

The organizing group is a well-tuned team, where everybody knows what his or her quest is. Not inspiring paper work is done during the winter season on our office in Berlin. The time you can give us a hand is immediately when the whole thing starts: we’d be grateful for help at info-stands at meeting points or festival fields, buses and other burning points all around. Email us und better now: aktivistInnen@bassliner.org. Please, don’t forget to introduce yourself and say what role is the most appealing to you and why. We feel extra good about activists who have tickets in their property.

Where can i get a Bassliner ticket?

Bassliner tickets can be ordered exclusively on this website.

How can I pay for my ticket?

There are several options to pay for your ticket. It is either an ordinary bank transfer or use the online pay-system Sofortüberweisung.de (bank transfer) and Paypal (ELV, credit card). Aprox. in 2 weeks before the festival starts we stop accepting payments via ordinary bank transfer, for they arrive too late then. In any case the deadline for payment is 14 days before the festival begins.

Can I cancel my Bassliner ticket or alter the booking?

Alternation: If the boarding passes are still not personalized you may change your booking. There is no extra fee for the alternation, but in case the new tickets cost more you’d need to pay the difference as well as the banking commission. If the new tickets are cheaper we don’t pay back any refund. Changing of the order is a good will, that we gladly perform only in case there are free places for the route you wish to take. No legal claims on order alternation can be made. All the changes should be made not later than 30 days before the event. You alter the data yourself in user-area: simply login, go to “my tickets” and amend what needs to be amended. You do not need to email us and ask whether we accepted the change! Cancelation:  Tickets that are booked within 60 days of the planned departure can not be cancelled at all. Tickets that are booked more then 60 days before the planned departure can be canceled in user-area not later than 30 days before the departure. If the order wasn’t payed yet, there is no cancelation fee. In case you already payed for the booking the sum will be refunded with a 10 Euro penalty (for the booking and not for each ticket!). The refund will be transferred to your bank account within 4 weeks. It’s not an option to cancel one of the trips within one order. Submission: While booking the tickets you should provide the names of fellow passengers. You can change those easily in user-area not later than 7 days before the festival starts.

Where is the meeting point?

Usually the meeting point is in the city centre. Starting from April we will gradually update infos concerning those on the web site. All the ways back home start at central bus station of the festival.

How much stuff can I take on board?

In course of the recent years we had quite some trouble with guests’  baggage. Though all our buses are perfectly suited for long distance trips they still are not made for transporting all of your household. That’s why we tolerate “normal festival kit” as for example a big backpack/suitcase, a tent and a small hand bag. We don’t take bikes, handcarts or any similar vehicles as well as things you intend to sell on the festival on board. The question of beer crates and drinks: Beer crates from Berlin and Hamburg are not welcome at all, while they create baggage troubles, but still not prohibited, unless there is space on board. For the rest of the cities: It is just an ecological lunacy to drag heavy and unhandy beer crates across the whole Germany. Moreover those pose a huge problem, when they fill the whole space in the bus. That is why no beer crates or immense amounts of drinks are allowed on the bus. Those who don’t follow this rule will have to wait until the bus is full packed and only then take the crate if there is any space left. Crates can’t be taken in the passenger compartment, for they hinder the emergency exits. Dear Fusionists, just don’t take those beer crates with you! A much more relaxed way is to arrange the camp place and if needed get your drinks in Mirow (there is a free shuttle bus every 20 min.).

May I take my dog with me?

Unfortunately you can’t take pets with you. Fusion festival also doesn’t recommend to bring dogs in the fields.

How long does it take to get to the festival?

This is a puzzling question. First of all it depends on how long the distance itself is. But even then you never know. The main factor is ultimately the traffic conditions. Simply check the way with a route planner and have in mind that buses drive not faster than at 100 km/h.

If those answers weren’t helpful for you and there are still questions left, and please solely in this case, guys, you’re welcome to email us at buero ( at ) bassliner ( dot ) org.