Sonderzug Ende Gelände 25.-29.10

The income from the pre-sale for this trip goes completely into the financing of the train from Ende Gelände. BASSLINER only retains the costs for the offered payment systems and donates the ticket system and customer care.


How does it work?

The return trip is not included in the package and must be selected separately. You have the choice between the Social tariff (21 €), Regular (26 €) or the Solidarity tariff (31 €). If you have the financial means, it would be great if you could choose the Solidarity tariff (31€) so that others can use the social tariff.


Departure times tbc!

Please note that only a provisional timetable is shown here. The departure times may be changed forward or backward. You will then be informed by email. Anonymity We have never sent customer data to authorities in the last 13 years. Everything that we can delete, we delete after the ride. What can’t be deleted (payment data) does not allow any conclusion to your specific journey and is kept and defended by our lawyer until the time limit.



The regular sepa bank transfer. In case of international transactions you need to take care that the exact amount requested arrives in our account. (Charges need to be paid by you!)

  • Payment term: 5 working days
  • Pre-sale fee 3% but minimum 1€
  • Confirmation after money has arrived

direct-ebanking (

Sofortü (directebanking) is an online payment gateway where you have to lock in to your bank account with pin and tan code and do the transaction through their gateway. It is available for germany and some other countries.

  • Confirmation & ticket right away!
  • Charge: EUR 1,00


Credit Card (Stripe) 

  • Confirmation & ticket right away!