Important info:


1) We do ask for your name in the booking process. However, feel free to enter a nickname or anything instead as we do not check against passports. Infact, you may enter dummy information for everything except email address.


2) All busses have big trailers and no general luggage restriction applies. However, please pack “common sense” and contact us for approval in case you plan to bring exceptional big items with you.


3) In case you would like a bus for a date that is not yet listed in the schedule and can assure at least 25 participants that will book right away, please contact us no later then August 10th at buero(at)bassliner(dot)org



The regular sepa bank transfer. In case of international transactions you need to take care that the exact amount requested arrives in our account. (Charges need to be paid by you!)

  • Payment term: 5 working days
  • Pre-sale fee 3% but minimum 1€
  • Confirmation after money has arrived

direct-ebanking (

Sofortü (directebanking) is an online payment gateway where you have to lock in to your bank account with pin and tan code and do the transaction through their gateway. It is available for germany and some other countries.

  • Confirmation & ticket right away!
  • Charge: EUR 1,00


Credit Card (Stripe) 

  • Confirmation & ticket right away!