Tickets zum Fusion Festival

Every year, on the last weekend of June on an old soviet airfield in the picturesque lake areas of Lärz, the Fusion rocket prepares for blast off. And, once the hoards of Fusionists start to make their way towards this unique site, BASSLINER revs into action. Without Fusion, there would be no BASSLINER and our close friendship with this special festival has made us what we are today.

BASSLINER means a lot to Fusion, too. It offers a transportation network that covers over 25 cities, has capacity for over 30,000 passengers on more then 600 buses, invests 4000 hours in preparation work, and is grateful for the help of hundreds of volunteers. Fusion is by far our biggest single operation and we love it the most – it’s been at the core of our operation’s structure all these years. On that last weekend in June, the runway of the Müritz airfield becomes the transportation hub of the Republic.

Fusion Festival takes place between 26.06 and 30.06.2019. Tickets aren’t sold directly. You need to enroll at between 1.12.2017 and 14.12.2017 and, on 21.12, a raffle will take place to decide who gets the chance to buy a ticket.